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Agaete valley

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About This Project

The Agaete Valley is one of the most incredible places on the island, it has a light and a magic difficult to describe with words. In the valley we can find numerous farms that are dedicated to the cultivation of fruit trees and tropical fruits like the Papaya, the Mango, Avocadoes, Guayabas and the delicious coffee of Agaete.

These coffee crops are unique in Europe and produce the Typica coffee variety. It is one of the oldest varieties and although today it is in disuse in most of the producing countries, the excellent quality of its fruits has made that it tends to its recovery.

In the valley you can visit some farms and also taste the local products. There are also some hiking trails that connect the Agaete Valley with the Tamadaba mountains and other amazing hiking trails.

Things to see in Agaete

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Due COVID-19 emergency and tourism cero situation we have to say goodbye for a while. We hope to see you back soon at this amazing island. 

Debido a la emergencia del COVID-19 y a la situación de turismo cero hemos decidido despedirnos por un tiempo. Esperamos verte pronto de vuelta a esta increíble isla. 

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